About Us

Data Indexing, Inc.
1440 Koll Circle, Suite 103, San Jose, CA 95112
TEL     +1 408-982-6327
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  Data Indexing began operating in March, 2000. Headquartered in San Jose, U.S., with branches in Shanghai, China. We have been providing Image/Video Processing/Recognition Total Solutions, software development and consulting services in the U.S. and internationally ever since. Our management has an average of 15 years of experience in the Image/Video and information technology fields.

Our Mission

1. To provide superior products and solutions that truly improves our clients' experience and achieves their goals.

2. To add real value to our clients' operations through our consulting services.

3. To create competitive advantages for our clients, making them market leaders.

4. To achieve ultimate client satisfaction through the superior quality of our professional- ism and the effectiveness of our web-based total solutions.

We accomplish our goal by

1. Partnering with top-level labs. and universities to provide our clients high level custom-made products, systems and solutions.

2. Assembling scalable R&D teams to work with existing R&D departments in large corporations, developing a set of comprehensive and high-quality technologies.

Data Indexing is the best choice for

1. Start-up Companies -- We work within your budget to develop your concept into a high-quality product.

Data Indexing has an R&D team with deep industry experience and our consultants have a flexible approach to seeking the right solutions for your specific needs by helping you make the right strategic decisions. We also provide your company with the intellectual property rights.

2. Large Corporations -- We provide stable, efficient teams which seamlessly integrate with your R&D department.

Our long history of cooperation with top universities in Shanghai ensures our ability to maintain large top quality R&D teams and the continuity of R& on your project. Data Indexing consultants are personally committed to getting the job done - it is this passion and dedication that garners our extraordinary client loyalty.

3. Companies with only a brief idea or simple frame- work of the product to be developed.

Data Indexing is able to produce a tailor-made project based on your outline or concept. Our consultants show their dedication to the research and development of your product to you with timely and effective communication. We take a collaborative and responsive approach to problem-solving that inspires innovative and effective solutions. Our clients appreciate this approach since we listen to their needs and exceed their expectations, time after time.

4. Companies seeking a technical partner for a variety of products supporting their long-term business growth.

Data Indexing's team of consultants consists of high-tech talents, from top Shanghai universities, which will undoubtedly meet your immediate and future requirements. Developing a long-term partnership with Data Indexing provides you with a solid team of professionals that know where you've come from making it easier to get where you're going. Our teams are also available for exclusive use on projects of our long-term clients.