Special Video & Motion Capture

Special Video & Motion Capturing means the shooting or capturing realized by special technical methods, with special goals and then to obtain the special videos and data. It usually requires special and specialized devices. The SVMC services provided by the Studio mainly include: human motion capturing, CG animation production, close-range aerial photography, digital image & video data collection, etc.

We will make great efforts in establishing the stable and long-run collaborative relationship with all kinds of customers such as those digital content enterprises of film & television production, advertising, animation, games, scientific research institutions, system operators and so on. We will keep working for providing the customers with specialized and customized value-added services, helping them to win success in the business competition.

At present, we provide the SVMC services as following:

  • Motion Capturing

    We have the specialized motion capturing sites and various professional actors. The High-Precision Motion Analysis System adopted by us is produced by the famous American company named Motion Analysis Corporation. It is now the most popular system used in this industry. The system's precision could reach 0.1mm, so it can realize the capturing of full body motions, either simple or complex (e.g. dancing, martial arts, gymnastics, sports, etc.) and either single-character or multi-characters. It can also realize the capturing of partial motions such as hand motions, facial expressions, etc.

    Moreover, we made the cooperation with Zhejiang University in researching and developing the "Light Stage" System of higher level. The system can realize the capturing of facial expressions and motion data with higher precision, so it's able to meet the needs of customers who have higher demands for precision. To the customers who want to capture the natural motions in the natural environment, we suggest the "Single-Camera Motion Capturing System" developed by our collaborative research with Shanghai Jiaotong University. The single camera can be easily installed in any indoor or outdoor environments, and the persons who get camera shooting needn't wear specialized clothes. Besides, the system combines the originally developed bone's movement analysis algorithm with the mature human motion identification database, which helps to realize the quick capturing of natural motions.

    We also provide some supporting services related to motion capturing, including: data cleaning, data restoration, post processing and data format conversion, etc.

  • 3D/CG Animation

    As for the production of 3D/CG animation, we not only have the strong software & hardware platforms and abundant technical supports including the professional 3D animation production team, excellent animators and designers, but also have rich experience in designing and conducting the animation projects both at home and abroad. Through the study and collaboration with our overseas fellows (mainly in Japan and America), we have mastered their advanced planning and production process, and we hope to introduce these advanced concepts and experience of planning, originality and management into our own country, sharing them with our domestic business fellows. That could facilitate our domestic animation to reach the international level as soon as possible, and enter the global market to make more commercial profits.

    On the strength of the advanced technology and devices, the professional and rich experienced production team, and the developed production process management, we are confident to provide customers with the comprehensive services about animation planning, origination and production so as to meet the various needs of our customers.

  • Scientific Research

    Providing typical, diversified and high-quality sample data for different kinds of scientific research institutions is an important application of our SVMC services. Apart from the above-mentioned motion capturing data, we also provide other data collection services, including: human face images (the feature data of human face), all sorts of standard image & video data with the video measurement technology, etc. In this aspect, we not only have the specialized devices and professional staffs, but also have years of experience in cooperating with many scientific research institutions both at home and abroad. Therefore, we are capable of providing the high-quality scientific research data for all these research institutions.